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Minister's Directive

Them Congolese armed forces and the national gendarmerie have, during the past year, 2018, fulfilled their missions in accordance with the guidelines of the President of the Republic, supreme leader of the armed forces. These consisted of continuing:

  • The capacity building, organisation  discipline within the public force;
  • The Strengthening the Army-Nation link;
  • The respect for both domestic and external commitments.

For 2019, despite the still difficult economic environment, action will have to be taken to build on the forecasts of the National Development Plan (NDP) 2018 – 2022, which directs efforts towards three (03) strategic axes, namely:

  • improving the Governance; 
  • capital valuation Humans;
  • diversification of the economy.

In addition to its traditional missions, the participation of the Ministry of National Defence implementation of this policy framework is focused on the sector support for security governance. This translates into:

  • development and standardization Congolese armed forces and the national gendarmerie;
  • energizing the structures of the Ministry to improve the management of the defence tool;
  • Involvement of defence personnel health and military engineering occupations.

in his guidance at the New Year’s Eve on 31 December 2018, the President of The Republic, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, has ordered the police Achieving the following goals:

  1. Discipline and rigour in the work;
  2. Rigorous workforce and career management
  3. The rigorous management of material and financial resources;
  4. Continuing the training, training and training effort;
  5. respect for national and international commitments.

Implementing these guidelines in line with the strategic requirements of the 2018-2022 NDP requires a focus on the guideline that will be to improve governance.

She will take into account:

  1. Finalising sectoral policies;
  2. optimizing budgetary procedures, mobilizing financial resources and meeting management standards;
  3. Compliance with equipment and equipment management standards;
  4. Respecting national and international commitments;
  5. The development of the texts for the application of the organic frameworks of the structures;
  6. Finalizing human resources work;
  7. Continued implementation of regulatory texts, guidelines and instructions;
  8. strengthening the moral values and discipline of staff;
  9. reviving the practice of sport.

Letters missions will accompany this directive. These will have to be the subject of a performance framework on which to build evaluation of activities.

i assures you of my trust and engages you, in the same spirit of resilience and unity, to lead the action with responsibility, availability, rationality, cross-cutting and professionalism.

The Minister of National Defence,

Charles Richard MR. MONDJO.

Vision of the Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces

If it is tradition for the Armed Forces, that at the end of the year, the supreme chief of the Armies, meet the command and the troops in order to receive from them, the report of the Public Force as well as the act of dedication. In turn, the Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces sends them the guidelines for the new year.

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Minister’s Directive

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